Hassell期待你的加入 - 上海、深圳多個城市設計和室內設計職位開放
                                閱讀:1402 2022-04-17

                                全球創意設計事務所 | 開放的文化 | 獲獎辦公空間





                                通過我們的項目,致力于為社區打造更為包容和可持續的未來 — 創造社交與生態更具韌性的世界。






                                640 (1).jpg

                                Senior Urban Designer 

                                Shanghai, China

                                About the role

                                As a Senior Urban Designer in our Shanghai studio, you’ll be working with our principals, partners and clients to provide innovative and creative urban design concepts and solutions to both public and private sector clients around the world.

                                You’ll be involved in projects from procurement through to implementation so skills in concept development and communication are important, as is the ability to lead highly motivated design and documentation teams. This position is a senior level within the organisation with great opportunities for development and career progression.

                                About you

                                We're looking for a Senior Urban Designer with the following key skills, knowledge and experience

                                _Qualification in Urban Design/, Architecture or Landscape Design with a minimum of 5 years professional experience

                                _Optimistic and motivated all-rounder, with strong organisational and communication skills

                                _Ability to work as part of or manage small teams, inspiring design excellence

                                _Strong conceptual design ability and commitment to sustainable design principles

                                _Experience on complex urban design and regeneration projects

                                _Experience with client and consultant engagement

                                _Experience in Revit, Rhino and Adobe Suite

                                _Fluent in both English & Mandarin

                                How to apply

                                Please copy the url and open in a browser to apply online:


                                Urban Designer

                                Shanghai, China

                                About the role

                                As an Urban Designer in our Shanghai studio, you will be required to have an understanding of the specific components of projects from procurement through to implementation. Skills in concept development and communication are important. This position offers great opportunities for career advancement and development.

                                About you

                                We're looking for an Urban Designer with the following key skills, knowledge and experience:

                                _Qualification in Urban Design/Planning, Architecture or Landscape Design, ideally with at least 12 months professional experience

                                _Advanced AutoCAD and/or ADT skills preferred

                                _Documentation skills and experience

                                _Both English and Mandarin skills required

                                How to apply

                                Please copy the url and open in a browser to apply online:

                                640 (2).jpg

                                Senior Associate/Principal - Interior Design Project Management

                                Shanghai, China

                                About the role

                                We're looking for an established leader of projects and teams to lead innovative and sustainable design outcomes across interior design projects in Shanghai. 

                                You will do this by engaging and motivating teams to deliver quality design.  You will drive improvements in performance in project design development and construction documentation/detail to achieve design excellence and improve all-around Professional Practice performance.

                                In this role, you will assume responsibility for the overall design excellence and quality of work output on projects within the interior design team in Shanghai.

                                About you

                                You are an established leader with a passion for great design and an impressive background delivering exceptional and sustainable contemporary interiors projects in the Shanghai market. 

                                A curious and creative thinker, you're a designer who balances creativity with business nous and brings ingenuity to challenging briefs.  You can confidently take the lead running high-profile, large-scale projects and have the ability to clearly communicate your knowledge of exceptional interior design to both your team and clients.

                                Specifically, you will bring the following expertise to the role: 

                                _At least 10-15 years’ post qualification experience with the majority in the private sector

                                _A track record of delivering medium to large scale projects where a significant design input was recognised 

                                _Strong commercial acumen and understanding of commercial and financial components of major developments with accountability for financial performance

                                _Ability to set clear standards and expectations within the team and take necessary steps to ensure their delivery

                                _Highly developed negotiating skills with the ability to influence decision-makers at the highest level

                                _Ability to manage complex projects involving various stakeholders e.g., private companies, public agencies, businesses, and community groups, and deliver benchmark projects

                                _Ability to exercise effective judgment within constrained time-scales and resources in the light of competing pressures

                                _Ideally, you'll have received award recognition from professional and/or other organisations

                                How to apply

                                Please copy the url and open in a browser to apply online:


                                Senior Associate/Principal - Interior Design Client Lead

                                Shanghai, China

                                About the role

                                In this market-facing role, and working in close partnership with our Heads of Design, your role is two-fold.

                                Firstly, leveraging your reputation as an industry-leading designer, you will advance opportunities to develop and strengthen Hassell’s Interior Design profile within the Asia market, with a focus on Shanghai.  Actively engaging with clients, you will grow and manage key relationships to drive the conversion of project opportunities.

                                Secondly, as a leader within the practice, you will strengthen our Interior Design Leadership in Shanghai. You will be actively contributing to the design culture at Hassell. Motivating and mentoring design teams, you will steward Hassell’s client focussed collaborative design processes to achieve design excellence - specifically leveraging your wealth of expertise to provide leadership, direction, and knowledge input for the design and delivery of projects and managing project deliverables, programs, and deadlines and developing the capability of the team.

                                About you

                                You are an established leader with a passion for great design and an impressive background delivering exceptional and sustainable contemporary projects in the Shanghai market.  Your involvement in delivering these projects, combined with your knowledge of design and market trends make you highly networked within the local market. This network will be instrumental in your ability to identify opportunities for client engagement/partnerships for Hassell 

                                A curious and creative thinker, you're a designer who balances creativity with business nous and brings ingenuity to challenging briefs.  You can confidently take the lead running high-profile, large-scale projects and have the ability to clearly communicate your knowledge of exceptional interior design to both your team and clients.  

                                Specifically, you will bring to this role:

                                _A strong client, design, and delivery focus

                                _A record of successful leadership of medium to large scale projects or a contribution to an award-winning project

                                _A network of deep client relationships across sectors, organisations, and professions

                                _Expertise in business development with a proven ability to win and manage work

                                _Exceptional communication and presentation skills

                                _Executive-level stakeholder liaison and management experience

                                _Practice management experience

                                _Commercial acumen and previous accountability for financial performance.

                                How to apply

                                Please copy the url and open in a browser to apply online:


                                Interior Designer

                                Shanghai, China

                                About the role

                                As an Interior Designer in our Shanghai studio and with a focus in the Commercial and Workplace sector, you'll work closely and collaborate with our Principals & Senior Associates in Shanghai to undertake design, documentation & construction phase services across a range of projects in Asia.

                                About you

                                We’re looking for a creative designer with a minimum of 3-5 years relevant experience and a strong grounding in concept design, schematic design, design development, drawings skills and ID package documentation. You will possess excellent design skills using REVIT with project examples and proven skills in visualising 3D interior concepts a must. You should also have:

                                _Experience in large scale Commercial & workplace, Retail or Hospitality sector projects

                                _Proficiency in REVIT, AutoCAD + Adobe suite package

                                _3D visualisation skills

                                _A relevant tertiary qualification in Interior Architecture or Interior Design

                                _Fluent in both English & Mandarin

                                How to apply

                                Please copy the url and open in a browser to apply online:



                                Senior Researcher

                                About the role

                                We’re looking for a Senior Researcher to join our global research team and help us uncover design insights for our clients, designers, and business development teams.

                                You’ll work with our sector and regional leads and the other members of the Research team to develop research projects in the life sciences, commercial architecture, and mixed-use development sectors in particular.

                                The emphasis for your research will be on the Asian market, but you’ll produce and contribute content relevant to all Hassell regions.

                                The focus of this role is on behavioural design research and insights at the intersection of people, space, place, and technology rather than technical aspects of design such as materials or building performance.

                                This is a pivotal role in the future development of Hassell in Asia and will help build an understanding of the value research brings to design projects, client engagement – helping drive overall success in the region. 

                                We are open to considering candidates based in Shanghai, Hong Kong, or Singapore.

                                About you

                                You’re a curious and creative thinker and ideally, you’ll know a thing or two about great design.

                                You’ve got a clear vision and are confident running research projects in a variety of research methodologies autonomously but really excel when you’re working and are collaborating with others - you’re great at building support and consensus.

                                You readily take the lead on projects – so being a great communicator is just as important as having a head full of knowledge about research methodologies.  Your bilingual language skills in Mandarin and English underpin your excellent writing and presenting (podcast, conferences, client engagement events) skills

                                You’re an expert user of Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign) and use these tools to bring findings to life in published research reports and short-form articles.

                                Your experience in the Asian market means that you’re familiar with potential research partners and industry leaders in the Asia property and design market

                                How to apply

                                Please copy the url and open in a browser to apply online:


                                640 (3).jpg

                                Landscape Architect

                                Shenzhen, China

                                About the role

                                As a Landscape Architect with Hassell, you will work with our principals, team members and clients to develop environmentally responsive design, through freehand sketching, two and three dimensional computer graphics and physical model making. 

                                You’ll assist in preparation of drawings using major CAD packages such as AutoCAD and ADT as well as preparation of specifications and schedules.  You’ll also be involved in the delivery of projects, including communication with clients and sub-consultants.

                                About you

                                We are looking for an experienced Landscape Architect who has an understanding of the various components of a project from procurement through to implementation.  You should have:

                                _Demonstrated ability to achieve strong design development and project outcomes, large scale public space experience preferred

                                _A minimum of 4 years of relevant experience in public & private sector Landscape Architecture projects

                                _Design development, documentation, site supervision and client management skills

                                _Construction supervision and onsite quality control capabilities

                                _Demonstrated plant knowledge and understanding of and commitment to ESD

                                _Good user of AutoCAD and/or ADT, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, or Sketchup

                                _Documentation skills and experience

                                _Qualification in landscape architecture, architecture or equivalent

                                How to apply

                                Please copy the url and open in a browser to apply online:

















                                ARCHINA 所有平臺上發布的項目、招聘、資訊等內容,部分由第三方提供或系統自動收錄。資料版權屬于第三方,若信息不實或涉及版權問題,需要版權方和第三方溝通,ARCHINA 將配合對接,并在確認無誤后刪除涉及版權問題的信息,相應的法律責任均由資料提供方承擔。
                                Crossboundaries 正在尋找各級建筑師,加入位于三里屯的北京辦公室!
                                2022-04-07Crossboundaries 招聘  閱讀:1838
                                2022-04-07中國建筑設計研究院 招聘 實習生  閱讀:2441
                                每一場相遇,都是千載難逢的交集, 歡迎與眾不同的你, 加入布魯盟, 一起見證百花爭鳴的美好時刻, 遇見不凡與彼岸。
                                2022-03-29布魯盟室內設計 招聘  閱讀:2894
                                爾我空間設計研究室成立于南京,是一家多元化空間設計研究室。爾我意為你我,意為召集更多熱愛設計的年輕人 一起為中國青年設計力量發聲。
                                2022-03-22爾我空間設計研究室 招聘  閱讀:1633
                                2022-03-18來建筑 招聘  閱讀:2282


                                請 [登錄] 后評論


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